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What to Expect After Injury

What is a Traumatic Event?

A sudden or unexpected event that is frightening, dangerous and/or violent which causes physical or emotional harm and traumatic injuries are sustained as a result.

Examples of a Traumatic Event

Some examples of a traumatic event include:  car accident, motorcycle accident, fall, gunshot/violence, and other events that cause severe physical injury.

Common Emotions After Injury

People can feel all kinds of different emotions. They may be positive or negative, like scared, anxious, numb, sad, and worried, or calm, relaxed, grateful, and loved.

What to Expect

It's common to experience different levels of distress or negative reactions early on. 

Everyone is Different

One person's reactions to an event, say a car accident, can be completely different from someone else's. 
Emotions after an injury vary from person to person.

Positive Reactions

Some positive reactions after a traumatic event might include: better relationships with family & friends, personal growth and overall better outlook on life.

Negative Reactions

Some negative reactions after a traumatic event might include:  upsetting dreams, nightmares and/or memories, feeling down, depressed or hopeless, feeling down, depressed or hopeless, feeling distant or cut off, difficulty sleeping or feeling jumpy or easily startled. 

Getting Help and Support

If you are experiencing any negative reactions, you may benefit from counseling services in order to start feeling like yourself again. 
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