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About TRRP

The Trauma Resilience and Recovery Program focuses on patients’ emotional recovery after they have experienced a traumatic injury. Many patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety after leaving the hospital for a serious injury. Our program provides education, screening, assessment, referrals, and mental health treatment or “talk-therapy” to support patients through the process of managing these symptoms and getting “back to normal” emotionally. We are primarily telehealth based, meaning you can access the majority of our services from anywhere, with a phone, tablet, or computer. 

In addition to our services for patients, we also offer consultation to hospitals and trauma centers looking to provide trauma informed mental health resources to patients.

For more information, check out our FAQ's or contact us to learn more.

Our Team
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Kenneth Ruggiero, PhD

Program Director

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Tatiana Davidson, PhD

Program Co-Director 

Dr. Ruggiero is Professor and Director of TRRP. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and oversees research operations. Dr. Ruggiero’s research centers on the development, testing, and implementation of technology-enhanced interventions. Most of his early research focused on brief, web-based self-help interventions. Over time, this work evolved into the use and evaluation of technology-based stepped care approaches for victims of disaster and serious injury.

Dr. Davidson is Associate Professor and Co-Director of TRRP. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and oversees all clinical and research operations. Dr. Davidson’s research has focused on addressing mental health care disparities by maximizing reach and receipt of evidence-based behavioral interventions and treatments among traumatic stress and other vulnerable populations through the development, evaluation, and dissemination of innovative, technology-based resources and clinical models of care. 

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Leigh Ridings, PhD

Associate Director of Child and Family Services

Leigh E. Ridings, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Child and Family Services for TRRP and is Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing leadership in child and family operations in MUSC’s pediatric trauma center and clinically supervising master’s- and doctoral-level trainees in evidence-based mental health assessment and treatment through the TRRP service. Her research focuses on developing, rigorously testing, and scaling innovative, cost-efficient, evidence-based health technology resources to improve access and quality of care for trauma-impacted families in real-world settings. 

Hannah Espeleta, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Espeleta is a Research Assistant Professor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist with TRRP.  She helps oversee clinical activities conducted by pre-doctoral and pre-masters level clinical interns and coordinates research projects and data analysis for the program. she is passionate about using implementation science to improve the quality and reach of evidence-based practices to identify, treat, and prevent child maltreatment and its effects. Her research interests include Child Welfare & Foster Care Systems, Implementation & Intervention Research, Mental Health & Trauma.

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Yulia Gavrilova, PhD

Instructor, Director of Burn Behavioral Health

Dr. Gavrilova is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Burn Behavioral Health Program, a partner program to the Trauma Resilience and Recovery Program. Dr. Gavrilova's research has focused primarily on development, evaluation, and dissemination of culturally tailored, technology-enhanced mental health interventions and resources for vulnerable and clinically underserved populations in the context of trauma and substance use. 

Sara Witcraft, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Witcraft is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Trauma Resilience and Recovery Program and support clinical and research activities under the mentorship of TRRP Faculty. Dr. Witcraft provides direct patient care including brief interventions in hospital as well as treatment for common mental health conditions post injury. 

Olivia Bravoco

Program Manager

Ms. Bravoco is the Program Manager of TRRP. She oversees clinic operations, patient care, and clinician trainings. She also supports satellite TRRP site operations and coordinators.

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Gabriela Becerra

Program Assistant

Ms. Becerra is a program assistant with TRRP. She supports daily operations including data management, patient education and screening, coordinating patient care, and research initiatives.

Hannah Sebald

Program Coordinator

Ms. Sebald is a program coordinator with TRRP. She supports daily operations including patient education and screening, coordinating patient care, and research initiatives.

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Sarah German

Program Assistant

Ms. German is a program assistant with TRRP. She supports daily operations including patient education and screening, coordinating patient care, and research initiatives.

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